About Us – A company built by producers, for producers


To exceed expectations. All the time. Every time. We believe in under promising and over delivering. We believe in consistency and we believe in constantly challenging the status quo. Since our inception, we have strived to remain on the cutting edge of both the export, as well as, the fresh produce industries. We have strategic partners in all of the major markets across the globe and we are constantly on the lookout for innovative new ways of conducting business. Our ultimate objective is to eliminate the middle men. We provide the best return for our growers and we strive to provide the best possible service to both, our growers, as well as, our buyers.

As GOGO’s fruit spreads further afield, so too, do the stories of our commitment to providing fruit of unrivaled quality. Our motto is, THE QUEST FOR FRUIT EXCELLENCE. This message has been conveyed all across the world, and we strive to further instill confidence in all who come into contact with the GOGO Brand. We are not simply a company seeking to turnover huge sums, but rather, a company seeking to leave a legacy.



We’re picky with our fruit, so you don’t have to be.

We pride ourselves on an unblemished reputation. As far as quality is concerned, rest assured that, upon opening a GOGO box, you will be faced with unrivalled perfection. We pay great attention to detail and we are ruthless in our selection process. Fruit with even the tiniest imperfection, never even makes it anywhere near a GOGO box.

We produce vast quantities of fruit, and as a result of our insistence on quality, a relatively small percentage of it is ultimately exposed to the international markets. We are able to maintain our exceptionally high standards year in, and year out. At GOGO, we make it our mission to exceed expectations, all the time, EVERY TIME.

Fruit production may be seasonal, but demand is not. Through strategic partnerships and relationships, we ensure that we have access to a year round supply of fruit. All of our associates are thoroughly vetted and monitored to ensure that our commitment to absolute quality is not taken lightly.  We only deal with the best and it is our promise, that those who deal with GOGO can expect nothing less.

We are proud to say that, through our consistency and dedication, GOGO has now gained a reputation as, “the Rolls Royce of fruit.”