Gogo Cold rooms

The construction of the facility started in December of 2010. GOGO’s Cold Rooms are situated 16km outside of Marble Hall, Limpopo. The facility is within a 30km radius of all of our GOGO producers. The construction on the 1st phase of the facility started in the first week in December 2010. The first phase of our facility was deemed fully operational by the 1st of April 2011.  The first phase consisted of:

  • 2 force cooling rooms
  • 1 holding room
  • 2 de-greening rooms which can also be used as holding rooms
  • 2 loading bays with plug in points for loading containers
  • A roofed loading and offloading area for trucks


The completed first phase of the facility has a capacity of 1 000 pallets. 

The planning for phase 2 of our facility was initiated in early 2012. With the help of The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, we were given the go-ahead to commence construction in August of 2013, and the ground breaking was done in September of 2013.

Phase 2 consisted of:

  • 6 sterilization force cooling rooms;
  • 3 holding rooms and;
  • 3 loading bays within cooled loading areas



We are proud to say that, from the moment phase 2 of our facility was completed, we have been the first inland cold room facility in South Africa. Our Facility is capable of complying with the cold treatment protocols for markets such as the following – China, Japan, Israel, Thailand, Taiwan, Iran, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Jordan, Sudan, Zambia, Madagascar, Reunion, and India. Growers and exporters alike will now be able to dramatically reduce the risk of any delays, often faced in the harbours of the world.


GOGO Coldrooms now has a total capacity of 3 000 pallets. 600 pallets can undergo steri treatment per 4-day cycle and we can now load in excess of 70 containers per day.


Our main focus is to ensure that the client that receives their fruit from our facility receives only the best possible quality and service delivery. To achieve this, the fruit must be stored at the required temperature as soon as possible, loaded in the container as quickly as possible, and delivered to the client as promptly as possible. The facility is equipped with a fully computerized temperature control system and runs on the Paltrack store program to control our stock. At GOGO Cold Rooms, we can meet even the most complex loading requirements can be met by the flick of a switch. 

GOGO is very much geared towards being environmentally responsible. We believe in giving back to the environment. One of our first steps to creating large-scale green sustainability was taken when GOGO Cold Rooms invested in a 3 440m2 solar panel plant which will generate the electricity needed to power the entire facility.

Onsite PPECB and DAFF inspectors oversee the loading process. Each of the inspectors are responsible for a specific area, this ensures that all areas receive equal attention. Every container is allocated a template and dunnage bag to ensure the quality of our product is always a cut above the rest. We are dedicated to maintaining the perfect temperature and to making sure that all of the pallets used are in good condition. We do our very best to ensure that your fruit arrives in the best possible condition. At GOGO, we make it our priority to treat all the pallets, as if they are our own.

In 2014, we expect to load approximately 2500 containers of citrus over a period of 6 months. Our state of the art facility provides the GOGO Group with an undisputed edge over all producers in the country. We have low turnaround times, we have absolute control over our stock, and we have the capability to inspect not only the quality of the fruit, but also, the quality of all the inspections that take place. Our technology is undoubtedly on the cutting edge of the citrus industry.

The facility is more than equipped to handle various other types of fruit outside of the citrus season. We endeavour to expand and to build new relationships with new clients to ensure that the facility is put to good use for the entire 12 months of the year. 

Our absolute attention to detail and our hands-on management approach, with regards to de-greening and cold storage, in conjunction with our state-of-the-art facilities, gives us the edge over our competitors. Our content, skilled workforce uses all of the tools available to them, and we are constantly moving forward on our QUEST FOR FRUIT EXCELLENCE.