New in South African citrus season 2014:

Chemical-free citrus post-harvest becoming new standard

For as long as can be remembered, chemical compounds have been used to treat oranges after harvesting.

Increased awareness of apparent harmful side-effects mean that their popularity is waning, to such an extent that a growing number of countries have banned their use.

Within this context, Dutch fresh produce company Cool Fresh International developed a project to find an effective post-harvest treatment against fungi, bacteria and viruses, using environmentally-friendly and biodegradable products which are completely safe…

Five-Star Citrus

Not unlike the story of other successful companies, GOGO Fruit’s inception was sparked by a need identified by an intuitive entrepreneur.

Eben Kruger saw that importers, supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers were looking for high quality fruit to match the standards demanded by their customers, but at the time finding fruit of that excellence in the volume required and from one reliable source was considered rare.

And so Eben and his colleague Tian Kruger launched GOGO with the goal of creating a “5-star citrus brand” that customers could turn to for blemish-free citrus fruit, “each as sweet and juicy as the last.” Due to the company’s dedication to perfect products batch after…