El Sundew

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The story of El Sundew, Eben Kruger and Louis Gouws began in 2009. El Sundew (formerly Avante) has been producing good quality citrus since the early nineties; the year 2009 however, will always be remembered as the year that the good citrus became great citrus.

The first trees to be planted on the farm -which was originally named Avante- were planted by the original owners in the year 1986. At the time, Mr and Mrs Nel were not producers of citrus exclusively. By the time the farm was sold to Christo Schoeman, the farm held a wide variety of crops. The new owner, as it would happen, had a passion for citrus!

Christo Schoeman sought to transform Avante into a reputable farm that produced citrus exclusively. Meanwhile, Eben Kruger and Louis Gouws, realized that the highest demand lay in the production of high-quality citrus. Before long, the purchase agreement for Avante was signed and the farm known as Avante became El Sundew. As it currently stands, El Sundew owns in excess of 70 hectares of premium citrus growing land that produces a high yield of incredibly high quality citrus, in a country that has always been widely revered as a country that produces fantastic citrus fruit, year in and year out.

El Sundew now has the capacity to produce the following crops:

-        Lemons

–        Navels

–        Rustenburgs/Cambrias

-        Midnights

–        Limes

–        Deltas

Tian Kruger

Products & Farming space

Tian Kruger has always dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps. “My father used to be one of the biggest tobacco farmers in the country. I remember wanting to be just like him. Whenever we went to the city, I saw people who WORKED hard. When I came home, even though he made a living by farming, I never saw my father WORK a day in his life. To him, it was never work, it was a burning passion and a lifestyle.” says Tian.

Tian Kruger has achieved great success throughout  the years. He definitely has no shortage of accolades. Among which, is even the prestigious, “Farmer of the Year” award. Tian has established himself excellently in a variety of different fields such as, potatoes, cotton, tobacco, corn, cattle and citrus. He added citrus to his resume in the year 2000, and has never looked back. Citrus is now categorically, Tian’s highest priority. Tian contributes in excess of 300 hectares worth of citrus to GOGO’s annual crop every year.

In 2004, Tian and Louis Lourens partnered together to further increase the citrus growing capability of the GOGO Group. Tian’s citrus meets all EUROCAP, GLOBALCAP and HASAP standards. We are proud to say that the citrus produced by the GOGO Group, is consistently above PPECB class standards. Like all of the other producers in the Group, Tian strives to grow his fruit in a way that keeps it as organic as possible. Tian uses only the best fertilizers and organic pesticides that money can buy. Like any company that prides itself on staying ahead of the competition, TKF stays on top of the game by dedicating a lot of time and effort to R&D.

The year 2005 saw the birth of a Brand that would take the world by storm. Behold, the Brand that is GOGO. Today, GOGO is world renowned as one of the best citrus producers in the world, consistently fetching some of the highest prices in the citrus industry globally. We then created GOGO RED, fruit that is Super Class 1.

The quality of which, is unrivalled in South Africa, and our fruit is exported to even the world’s strictest quality-regulated markets in the world, such as China.

During the citrus season, Tian & Louis employ over 500 people. They believe in a work environment that contributes comprehensively to their staff’s needs. By doing so, our staff remains content and they deliver an outstanding service and product.

Until recently they produced 700 000 – 750 000 boxes per season, with their recent plantings, TKF now has the capability to produce 1.7 million boxes per season.

They are dedicated to controlling every step in the process, from the planting of the tree to the packing and shipping of the citrus. Their devotion can be seen in the quality of every orange and every lemon that they produce. By committing themselves to their work, they have become a well-known citrus producer. Their reputation speaks of hard work and quality produce.

Tian Kruger Farming was built by viewing challenges as opportunities and by embracing change as an opportunity to grow. Today, that spirit defines the farm’s culture. “At Tian Kruger Farming, we place a high value on relationships with our distributors, our customers and our employees, and we focus on ways to grow together for a better future.”

Through a solid foundation, a clear vision and the collective talents of our people, Tian Kruger Farming is stronger than ever.


JFK Botha

Products & Farming space

For nearly forty years, Joe Botha and his wife, Annemarie, have proven that achieving success in the agricultural world stems from passion. Together, they have farmed with a large variety of crops such as, potatoes, tobacco, cabbage and citrus.

Before long, Joe built a self-dependent packhouse that handled all 70 hectares of his citrus. Joe’s fruit is a great contribution to the GOGO Group.

Today, Joe Botha Farming remains a family business. Joe’s two sons LM and Joe jnr. run the farming and packing operations, while Joe’s daughter Annemarie jnr. handles all of the farm’s administration.

Joe Botha Farming has always believed in upholding the values of trust, hard work and commitment. It is their hope, that JBF remains a family business for generations to come, and that the farm continues to provide fruit that competes with the best citrus the world has to offer.

“Citrus is a fairly new part of our business, but one that I intend to develop even more in the future. Everything we do, we do to our utmost best to ensure that our clients are not only satisfied, but will want to come back for even more.”

J.J Gouws

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For 65 years, the Gouws family has been growing crops in the beautiful Loskop Valley area. Generation upon generation has been groomed to produce the finest citrus in the world.

Kobus and Joh Gouws started farming upon acquiring an initial 1400 hectares in the Waterberg Valley and an additional 1500 hectares in the Groblersdal Area. Of Joh and Kobus’s four sons, two are still farming in the family business. Koos Gouws started in the family business in the year 1992 his brother following suite in 1995. JJ Gouws Farming was officially established in the year 1999 and is now run by three very talented individuals, namely, Jacob Jacobus Gouws, Jacobus Gouws and Cornelius Francois Gouws.

The Gouws family holds their reputation for quality in a very high regard. They are passionate about what they do and that passion is evident in each and every single piece of fruit that is picked on the Gouws farms.

Today, the Gouws family farm is in excess of a staggering 3200 hectares. 100 hectares of which, produces the high quality citrus for export that the Gouws name is so strongly associated with. By 2016, JJ Gouws Farming intends to have dedicated far more land to the production of citrus. JJ Gouws Farming has not only a solid foothold in the citrus industry, but also, a bright future.

Neels Kok

Products & Farming space

Farming is a third-generation, family-owned and operated business. The name Nyawa was adopted from their old family name in Zimbabwe. Nyawa Farming was established in the year 1980, when Neels and his father joined forces and began cultivating a citrus product that is frankly, to die for.

From the moment Neels was born he was destined to be a great farmer. His father mentored him extensively and instilled in him the values and the skills necessary to surpass those before him. Through hands-on contact in every aspect of the business, Neels and his team take it upon themselves to ensure the success of Nyawa Farming.

The farm currently provides in excess of 40 hectares of citrus of the Navel and Valencia varieties. All of which, are packed in Neels’ private pack house. All of the citrus that is produced is intended for export 

and special care is given to ensure that all Global-Gap specifications are met.

Being a family-owned, family-run farming operation, Neels Kok Citrus, strives for consistent commitment to quality and service. The open door policy, fair-mindedness and great work ethic have culminated in a loyal employee base, many of whom have been with Neels since he started. In true family business tradition, Neels’s son Peter, having completed an Engineering degree, joined the business. His daughter Kate, having also studied and then worked abroad for a while, is now in the pack house office. Kate’s husband Norman Snygaans is the newest member of the team.

“We strive towards excellence and professionalism, whether it be in the field, or in dealing with clients and employees. We have been building a name in the citrus industry for more than 15 years now and we plan to do everything in our power to uphold our reputation for many years to come.” says Neels.