In this business there will always be risks. Fruit might leave the harbour in perfect condition and it might arrive bruised and discoloured. It’s just how the perishable goods industry works. One can’t control the natural variables but the product that  GOGO supplies has always been great. Their fruit consistently fetches top prices on the market. People associate the GOGO Brand with quality and we are happy to have the opportunity to do business with them. They value both, their reputation and ours.

I have real confidence in both, the GOGO Group and the GOGO product. I have been a large part of The Group and I played a big part in founding the group as well. We spent a long time nurturing the reputation that we are now able to uphold across the world and we are damn proud of it. I am privileged to be working with such fine growers who are just as insistent on quality as I am. I see big things in store for GOGO.

GOGO has an excellent product! It definitely sells for great prices on the markets in China. We get very high prices for GOGO’s lemons, and we do well with both, their Navel and their Valencia varieties. We prefer doing business with them because of their consistent quality. GOGO has further impressed us, with the level of service in terms of their exports. GOGO’s exports are handled by EK Marketing Fruit. They know the markets well and we have open lines of communication 24/7. The combination of these two factors makes it a pleasure to do business with both, GOGO and EKM.

The GOGO Group are a dynamic bunch. They stand for something and they take great pride in what they do. We have been doing business with GOGO for over a decade now. They believe in maintaining a personal, face-to-face relationship where both parties can really look after the other’s interests. We have come a long way and, if we weren’t so privileged to be so closely linked to GOGO, we might’ve said that we’d highly recommend them.

GOGO Cold Rooms are a life saver. The producers in the Marble Hall area have envisioned a cold room in the area for a long time now. We are fortunate that a nearby cold room facility has now been built. We are very happy about the services that we receive from GOGO Cold Rooms. They are very open and transparent about what is going on at the cold rooms. They are very vigilant when it comes to observing how the pallets and the fruit in general is handled. We no longer have to deal with the delays in the busy ports. Instead, we now have a new facility which is far less congested, our pallets are handled with greater care and the entire facility is simply managed better. GOGO is efficient and their administration accurate. It has been great working with them.

We have confidence when dealing with GOGO’s product. When we receive product from GOGO, unless there was a serious problem, we know that the fruit will look and taste great. We get good prices for the fruit and we get complimented about it often. We have a great relationship with both, Eben and his son Brendon. Brendon has lived in China and he has been through a lot with us. He speaks Mandarin and understands our markets well. When producers know what our market situation is like, they load good fruit for us. This is why we continue to do business with GOGO.